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Archived article- Living in Yesterday

Survival Report Volume 55



"Living in yesterday" by Robert Henry copyright 2006

There's been much to do about the CBS series "Jericho" regarding a Kansas city after a limited nuclear attack on the U.S.

Here it is the 4th episode which is supposed to be depicting something like the 4th day after the attack and none of the townspeople seemed to have realized that the world has changed.

This phenomona is what I call "living in yesterday" and will likely be the cause of death of thousands of people in a major disaster such as that depicted in the show.

True survivors are going to be the ones that immediately realize that the world has changed and change themselves accordingly.

What does this mean? Could mean simple things like remembering to always carry a weapon with you. Could mean something like avoiding contact with others outside those living in your home for a few weeks in the case of a smallpox outbreak. Could mean not venturing out until nightfall.

A wide scale TSHTF type disaster dictates an immediate change in "the rules" we tend to follow in life.

During times of peace, most people generally assume that:
* No one is looking to harm them
* They are generally safe in most places and especially at home
* Others will obey the law because they are fearful of the consequences
* We should always strive to help others
* There environment will be conducive to there safety

Look at the above list again. If something major happens every one of these assumptions on the above list could get you killed.

The truth of the matter is that people will harm you if they need something you have. Women will be mistreated. Bad things will happen to children. I don't like writing that any more that you like reading it, but we have to realize that there are two legged animals out there and be ready for them.

The truth of the matter is you would do good to assume that you are not safe in most places after TSHTF, including your home. Unfortunately, there may never be a chance to "let your guard down" again after something happens, especially for those who are not part of a group of survivalists.

The truth of the matter is that no one will likely be obeying the law after TSHTF. Why? Because there will not be any consequences, other than your conscience and dealing with the Almighty in the end. Since most sheeple don't worry about the latter two, expect them to not obey the law.

The truth of the matter is that helping others may jepordize you after TSHTF. We have discussed post TSHTF charity on here before. I'm prepared to give some charity, but under my terms. This means if it in no way compromises my security.

The truth of the matter is that the environment will not be conducive to our safety. Dangers will abound ranging from rabid dogs to cholera, typhoid and dysentary.

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