Sunday, April 26, 2009

Quarantine, swine flu, bird flu, biological attack, etc.

Another archived article. Talked about this on shortwave radio back in the 90's and wrote numerous articles about this on the blog, the newsletter, etc.

The idea of going about your "normal life" with a thin piece of paper on your face and trusting that to keep you from getting sick is one of the most ridiculous ideas around. A biological attack or an outbreak of serious proportions is a real threat. This isn't about "catching a cold" as it seems to be treated by the majority of today's "preppers."

Essentially you are going to need to quarantine yourself and your family. Yep your gonna miss work- that's why you get out of debt and have some cash, that's why you keep a good relationship with your boss and are an asset to your work. Yep your kids are going to miss soccer practice and school. No your not going to be able to make a "last minute run" for more poptarts and pizzas because doing so will likely expose you to the illness.

What does this mean, it means you have to be somewhat serious about your preps. It means you need to be able to stay inside your house for a couple weeks, maybe more. That means no trips to the C store because little Billy just "has to have" a snickers bar. This is the culmination of all of the preps you should be doing- staying healthy, physical preparations, getting your family in order, getting away from the cities, etc.

If your chained to your job cause your in debt to your eyeballs, your going to feel like you "can't" miss work so you'll go to work with that little stupid piece of paper on your face that some libtard convinced you will save your life. You'll end up bringing it home to your family. Sorry wife and kids, I killed you because we just had to have a 90" plasma TV, that's just stupid.

If you have to run out at the last minute to buy preps you should have been gathering all along, chances are your going to bring the illness home to your family. Sorry wife and kids, I killed you because I just pay LIP SERVICE to preparedness and I never really believed we might need this stuff one day.

Alright, enough of the sermon, hopefully I've made the point clear :)

Here's how to do it-

It is IMPERATIVE that you read and understand the following information. "I didn't know" is NOT an excuse when we are dealing with LIFE THREATENING ISSUES!

Policy and Procedures

For use in case of a Biological event, including but not limited to terrorist attack using biological weapons, Bird Flu, Smallpox or Rabid Chicken Accountants (RCA's) infected with AIDS....

The purpose of this is to limit the spread of a biological agent- virus, bacteria, etc. Since their is NO way to guarantee that anyone is not already a carrier of the agent, we MUST Quarantine . This is for the protection of EVERYONE! Their is no other way around it.

In very short order after a biological incident, you should go into full "lockdown" mode. What this means is that ANYONE attempting to cross into your land will be met with Lethal Force.

It is important to have a PLAN in place for your timely BUGOUT of populous areas and be ready to implement that plan with short notice. This means-
1. You have your bulk supplies already pre-positioned at your retreat. This will cut down the amount of time you will have to spend "loading up" and will make sure you have SAFE and UNCONTAMINATED supplies when you arrive.
2. You leave early enough to avoid the TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS the government has already said they would put in place when an outbreak occurs.
3. You will have to avoid ANY contact while in route, that means you CANNOT stop at Walmart for a last minute stockup, you cannot stop and get gas at a gas station, etc. YOUR FAMILY'S SURVIVAL IS AT STAKE! Use your STORED gas and fill up in an out of the way place. Keep your windows up and RE-CIRCULATE the air in your car. If the situation is bad, you may want to travel in MOPP gear. Be prepared to use LETHAL FORCE against any persons who would come near your family. AVOIDANCE is our main protection against this threat.

When your retreat is in LOCKDOWN mode, no one, including family members and their families will be allowed in until they have had a 2 week quarantine period. LETHAL FORCE will be used against any and all intruders, including late arriving family members. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS, IT IS NO JOKE AND WILL BE ABSOLUTELY ENFORCED 110%

If you arrive late, follow these procedures-
1. Use the "normal" entrance procedures, and do NOT have any contact with locals.
2. Look for the "sign" that the retreat is already in Lockdown, the gates will also be locked and chained. Use your radio to call in and ask instructions. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES COME CLOSER THAN 30 FEET FROM THE WIRE OF THE RETREAT.
3. You will be instructed as to where you are to camp for the 2 week Quarantine period and your time will start then. "We quarantine'd at home" doesn't cut it. You will HAVE to do a 2 week Quarantine period if you arrive late to the retreat, period.
4. There will likely be others out camping not far from where you are instructed to camp at. You will be informed of the others and their approximate locations. DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH OTHER QUARANTINED family MEMBERS OR ANY MEMBER OF THE LOCAL POPULATION. You will be expected to radio in to the retreat once a day to report your medical condition. You will be required to maintain your own security, noise and light discipline.
5. If you should "run out" of supplies or are in dire need of any materials, someone from the family will bring them to a dead drop location and leave them for you. You will need to RADIO in with your request, then wait no less than 1 hour after you've WATCHED the material being put out before you go and retrieve it. This cannot be done for you every day (we will run out of spots), so it is important that you plan ahead.

You will need to keep some basic camping gear for your family (tent, sleep bags, etc.) with your bug out gear, as well as TWO WEEKS food supply, water filtration device, radio with plenty of extra batteries, MEDICAL KIT, weapons, etc. You will be completely on your own for two weeks if you arrive late, plan ahead.

Family members are advised to pack a "bio box"- a tote or box of materials such as listed above that can be pre-positioned at the retreat NOW, that can later be put out as a dead drop for you if it's needed. Don't risk it, plan ahead.

When the two week period is over, you will have to abandon most of your supplies, their would be NO way for us to guarantee they are not CONTAMINATED (which is why it's important to PRE-POSITION the bulk of your gear at the retreat). You will then come into the retreat with minimal gear- weapons, etc. A thorough DECON will be necessary and the people at the retreat will have an area set aside for that ahead of time. You will have to decon and have a medical exam prior to entering the retreat after your Quarantine period.


End original post.

One of the comments that was given when I first posted this was that it was "heavy on authority" or some crap like that. Well guess what folks? It's a life and death situation, you better be ready to enforce and ensure your family's survival. Wishy washey, half hearted methods will not cut it. One of the other comments was that it was "stupid" to make quarantined people wait an hour and watch the spot where the dead drop was. That poster thought he was so smart and had it all together, until I mentioned that the hour wait was simply a SECURITY ISSUE to make sure no one observed the drop and came down to steal the stuff.

One of the other comments was-

"Ouch. In response to Lowdown3's policies and procedures, I would definitely be at that retreat early.

I would say that most likely though, depending on the biological element, that eventualy the equipment could be decontaminated and re-used. Because if not, under those procedures, woudn't the vehicles be equipment and have to be discarded too?"

Yes, things could be decontaminated and possibly re-used. But even the military has realized that decontamination is not something the average soldier/person will do to the degree they need to- hence disposable protective suits, SOP of MOPP gear exchange, etc.

IF you have good survey meters, "frisker" type units, etc. you could double check decon for fallout. IF you had good chem detection kits you could check for decon from SOME chemical agents. Not the case with bio.

BTW, I was asked to write up a blog article regarding to this, they are not per se "my" policies, procedures, etc. The idea was for a family meeting up together.

As to the conveyed message, it's supposed to sound harsh. People you've known for years, family etc. tend to take LIBERTIES sometimes with you. Do you really want to have to shoot Aunt Mable cause she thought her "little nephew poopseykins" wouldn't actually shoot her? More so than this, if your family and possibly other people's families are already there or have already done there quarantine, are you going to risk there lives for the one joker that stayed at work a week after birdflu/Anthrax/Super Aids/infectious bio monkeys came to town just to try to make a few extra bucks?

Physical barriers we have discussed before and these are muiy importante when it comes to stuff like this. A clearly defined "line" both for defense considerations and for legal issues. Bird flu may not cause TEOTWAWKI and who wants to be sitting in jail for 30 years because you had to shoot some dumbbutt that didn't heed your warnings? If he has to pass your warning signs, avoids your vocal calls to get out and then has to climb over fences, barbed wire possibly, etc. guess what? You'll have a LOT better chance convincing a jury it was in defense of your family.

I know it doesn't go with the romantic fantasy of killing all comers and S.S. and shut up, but having a video camera going would help also.

You can find old quarantine signs on Ebay A decent sign shop could duplicate these- tell them it's for a college project or your making a video for Youtube. Don't skimp, pay more for something that looks official. Course this is all speculation, for information purposes only, etc.

"How do you know other members of the group aren't lying and they stopped at walmart, etc.?"

YOU DON'T KNOW, hence the reasons for the quarantine. The part about not stopping and avoiding contact was for THERE protection. The quarantine is for the protection of the ones already at the BOL.

"I would definitely be there early"

That's the other point of it- incentive.


Not sure where this "swine flu" thing is going folks, but wanted to re-post some of this old material from the 90's and early 00's regarding this. Please think it over with a rationale mind and then make preps to act on it. It would be a stupid thing to lose your family over cutting corners. May the Lord bless us.