Friday, December 5, 2008

300 miles for a load of crap!

As survivalist we sometimes find ourselves doing odd things.

Here a few weeks back as gas started getting "cheap" again I decided to make a few runs to buy bulk manure for the gardens. I ferried about 8 yards total in 4 trips, each one being around 300 miles round trip!

Yep, I drove 300 miles for a load of crap...... :)

Raking some around recently in one of the garden plots I pondered the idea of driving that far for crap.

Like so many things we do as survivalist, this "load of crap" (pun intended) won't give me any "quick fixes" or immediately solve any problems in the garden areas. It's simply one small part of a larger plan. Will those garden areas go mad crazy next spring on account of that manure? Sure I'll probably see some results next spring of my recent efforts, but overall it will take a while to see serious results.

This is an important part of preparing, understanding that some things you do will not give you IMMEDIATE results but will surely be helpful in the long haul.

Learning soap making is fun but after a while you probably will stop making soap now and realize it's easier to buy a pile of Ivory bars at $3. for 16 of them. However over the long term, that skill set of being able to make your own soap, may very well be the difference between being able to fully clean a small cut or dealing with a serious infection.

You can see this played out in so many things we do- or SHOULD do- as survivalists.

Running a couple of times a week now will probably not knock off those extra 20 lbs. immediately, but over time it will. More importantly, your body will begin to be more efficient, operate on less fuel, use it better and dispose of it better. Your metabolism will get better, your heart and lungs will gain strength. Later, should you have to BO on foot or evade pursuers, your heart and lungs will be up to the task and you will be more likely to survive.

Keep in mind their are few "quick fixes" in preparedness. Mostly we are doing things now that will benefit us LATER.

And don't forget to take your shoes off before you go in the house ;)


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